Of, pertaining to, or like, a panorama

Seven years ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long) I started a site to showcase panoramic photos. Well, I haven’t updated the site in about 3 years but there are some gems which are great to look at. I used to make these using some software I got back in 1999. These days Photoshop does the job with so much more flexibility. Keep in mind that this is pre-digital photo day, so I had to scan these pictures and process manually. It was a lot of work!

At the office today we were discussing how cool it would be to buy a camera that takes 360 degree panoramic QuickTimes. It’d be fun to even rent one for a day and go shoot photos.

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  1. Chris,
    they have those panoheads that do what you’re talking about but you don’t even need a special camera to shoot a QTVR. i did this one down in mexico a few weeks ago using a normal 35mm digital camera-> http://www.scrollinondubs.com/downloads/LaRuina.mov
    I just drew a clockface in the sand and held the camera vertically and snapped a photo on each hour tick.
    i have a program on my PC called “Panorama Factory” by Smoky City Design that makes it super easy to stitch the photos together and generate the QTVR.
    of course an automated way to do this would be nice but this method works fairly well. I missed one hashmark of the clock, that’s why it doesn’t wrap perfectly seamlessly.


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