New Years Links

I found this story of D. B. Cooper and wonder why a movie hasn’t been produced around the incident.

Next year we’re going to win one of these awards. I can just feel it in the wind.

The Ebay Sales Blog

Web Creme reminds me of the first year of BrainFuel circa 2000-2001. I think it’s because of the lack of actual content. The only difference is back then I didn’t take screenshots.

Calvin shows us that even a snowman can be considered art.

Obvious but cool idea to change a sites header image using simple PHP.

Neat little attachment from IKEA that can help you manage all of the cables under your desk.

Revealed: the pill that prevents cancer

A cool looking boat graveyard. (Via Treasure Tables)

Parking garages.

7 Habits of Highly Successful People. I’ve done all but number 5. Who wants to go play some Polo someday? I’m up for it. And where do we go to play?

Get ready for 802.11n because it’s coming in 2006 and will be 10x faster than 802.11g.

Here’s a good article about growing a small business.

Winged Pig: the CEO of Bloglines’ blog.

Caffeine Content Of Popular Drinks.

Tons of old ads featuring Santa Clause. Most of them are for Coca Cola. You can use the button at the bottom to navigate through the decades.

Lightbox JS.

SpotMilk WP Admin Theme.

WP Backup Plugin that lets you backup your WP database.

Interesting story about an airplane that lost cabin pressure.

WordPress ContactForm for WP 2.0.

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