New Tornado Sign and some Roses

A random selection of photos I’ve taken in the last week. The rose photos are some roses I have been tending to just outside the door of our office and I’ve been working on them for months. The picture of the sign is our new office sign which we just got! We’re really excited about it and depending on zoning and the permit process we might put it out by the road more. We had a client come by today and they noticed the sign so we thought that was cool.

6 responses to “New Tornado Sign and some Roses”

  1. Dude, the title of this post should be —

    New Tornado sign, some boring roses, and a sweet picture of a Shelby Cobra.


    Cool sign, is that etched in the rock? Beautiful shots of everything. You should really post some photography tips and tricks for all us camera hacks.

  2. Mark – Here’s a camera trick. As you drive past a Shelby Cobra hold your camera in one hand out the window and drive with the other and take about 20 shots. Crop the best shot and show on your blog. LOL.

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