Naming your new product

It’s terribly difficult to come up with good names for your products, don’t you think? I find myself lacking inspiration. And then companies come up with names like Mint, Basecamp, Backpack, Flock, and so forth.

Then I find myself thinking how terrible it would be if you had chosen any of these product names: Katrina, Tiger, Panther, Vista, or even something generic like Tsunami. Your search engine rankings would drop so fast you wouldn’t know what hit you.

What inspiration do you use or did you use to name your product, company, or pet? 😉

3 responses to “Naming your new product”

  1. I wanted to create a new identity for company, but I’m stuck with getting a name for it since months.

  2. I went through a few names for my CMS before I came up with one I liked and thought might brand well. I ended up with cmSharp; it contains the letters cms, sharp is a synonym for clever, and the logo makes use of the musical notation for sharp, the hash #, meaning a semi-note higher, which could mean one step higher than the rest. Of course, the best name in the world won’t help a cruddy product, which is where Mint, Basecamp et al really struck gold. Great name + great product + lots of influential friends = ch-ching!

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