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So it wasn’t more than 2 months ago that I first heard of Myspace and then I successfully avoided it for a long time. All until recently when I was the only person at a party without one.

What am I talking about? If you don’t know, stop now. Otherwise proceed to see, ah, my space.

Now that you’re back I have an intersting bit of feedback after using Myspace for about a month. Somehow my account was featured on the “new and cool” people section and I received over 4,156 views in just a couple of days. I even received 256 friend request and over 45 messages. Really silly. I haven’t approved any of the friend requests though since I don’t know any of the people. Anyhow, it’s an interesting thing to finally be part of pop culture for a change.

Now if you want my official opinion about Myspace I think it’s the worst designed system ever. The interface is clunky, ugly, and hard to use. So there.

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  1. I think what’s even worse than how ugly myspace is, is how it enables its users to make even UGLIER pages! you know, the pages that have the tiled background photo with the same colors as the text, and the faux-hawk pop punk mp3 that makes the page slower to load than a car full of old people on a sunday.

  2. People dont use because it’s geared more toward, well, blogging. Most kids are interested in networking, posting (awful) bulletins viewed by “friends” on their friends-list, leaving random comments etc. But most of all, it’s a waste of time, which is why so many people like it.

  3. congratulations, you have a f*cking opinion. big deal. what makes you so important that you had to share it with the rest of us. myspace rules, “clunky” or not.

  4. Me and my friends are trying to make the blogging community aware of a stealth censorship campaign that is being conducted by MySpace. They are not admitting to it, and are trying to do this in secret.

    For the last few days they have been trying to eradicate all mentions of the site YouTube ( from our profiles on MySpace. Tons of MySpace profiles have embedded YouTube videos because it is a great service, but now MySpace is feeling threatened by this site and is modifying member profiles to remove any mentions of it. If you mention YouTube in your MySpace profile it gets replaced with “..” We also can’t discuss this on the boards because MySpace is censoring YouTube there as well!

    There was an outcry by some members after MySpace’s acquisition by News Corp. People were afraid they might start monitoring or censoring MySpace. At the time their CEO said that nothing like that would happen. Well, now it has. MySpace was built on an open community and now they are trying to censor us, putting business interests above its members! We are going to fight back.

    See these links:

    MySpace group protesting YouTube blocking (we have to spell it “Y-O-U-T-U-B-E”)

    Myspace in the Brave New World (comments discuss how to get around block)

  5. Hello. Regardless of another persons concept of design myspace does promote others to find their creative sides as well as act on them and it does so as a free service. If you don’t like myspace then don’t go there. It’s quite a simple tactic really. Perhaps you may or may not be so demented, but think of it as never turning your radio tuner to a station that you already know you dislike. Now apply the same skill to the internet and never post anything at all ever again.


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