My new monitor

Just got this new 24″ Dell display which is fabulous. I also just set up this program so I can share the mouse and keyboard with another monitor to the side. It’s very cool.

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  1. You forgot to mention that you’re actually sharing the mouse and keyboard between two separate computers, which is the real trick.

    All he has to do is move his mouse from one screen to the other, and he’s using a whole different computer.

  2. Thanks for clarifying that, Tom. Yeah, it’s two separate computers. You can even share between Mac, Window, Linux. The software is called Synergy (pretty common). You can also copy and paste.

    Mark: Yeah, the digs are pretty cool. We got some good photos of the place today and so you’ll have to just wait until we post them up here. 🙂

  3. I use 2 new 23″ Apple Cinema Display at work in dual configuration and it rocks. Why are you not using yours in dual config Chris? It makes apps so much better to use because you can shift tools/panels etc on to the other screen. Gives you so much more space.

  4. Jason: Well, I’ve done the dual configuration thing but right now I”m running that monitor on my laptop. Once I get my towers video card up to snuff I will likely run a dual configuration once again.

  5. What are your feelings on the wide-aspect vs. the traditional aspect monitors. I see these wide-screen monitors even down to the 17″ sizes and I am not sure if thats gonna be a visual adjustment – getting used to it or not.

    I am running VMWare and would like the wide 24″ so that I can get a couple virtual machines going and see them all at once. Not sure if this is possible.

    Nice monitor!!

  6. Hi Mike, yeah the wide aspect is great! My laptops are all 15″ widescreen and that alone makes a huge difference (compared to a 15″ traditional).

    I noticed they’re selling almost all laptops widescreen now, and introducing 14″ widescreen, too.

    THe wide aspect is great because you have just more width to spread out screens. Fives years from now I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the norm (it probably already is).

  7. Haha, Mike, if you end up getting something do share a picture. The Dell I got from Dell directly and used a coupon to get about $500 off. So definately look around.

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