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  1. Love the designs in the latte foam (or is it a mocha? or decaf chai?) Reminds me of a print ad I’ve seen a few times. It’s for some new age coffee-type drink, and the designer nicely shapes the foam bubbles into the form of a meditating woman.

  2. Yes, latte art, yes! Remember, kids, not only does it take skill to pour like that, but it also takes top quality steamed milk. You really have to know what you’re doing with both the espresso and the steam wand to get that – so that work is a ringing endorsement of your coffee shop! Awesome.

    Now come out to the Bay Area and try Ritual.

  3. Steve – I’ve never made latte art personally but at some point I’m planning to get together with a Phoenix area barista and see if I can get a lesson. It looks like fun. If I’m ever in the Bay Area I’ll have to stop by. If you’re ever in Phoenix try LUX or Inza Coffee. Those are the only places in Phoenix that do latte art on every cup.

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