More Photoshop Composite Artwork

Now this is what I’m talking about! I have finally re-discovered the site that shows examples of Photoshop composite artwork. This company makes amazing photo scenes out of dozens of source images. It’s stunning in its detail and it’s where I’d like to take my Photoshop skills.

Check out the Taylor James site.

The final image

A small sample of the source imagery

P.S. Found this via Pixel Impact which is pretty cool.

7 responses to “More Photoshop Composite Artwork”

  1. They should distribute the source images and use it as a training program. I’d pay $100 for a video and the source images just to be able to try this.

  2. That is pretty awesome stuff. George Logan does similar work, but his success lies in his own photography.

  3. This is really fantastic stuff. This kind of thing makes me want to get back to basic artwork and shrug off the idea that branding and Web design are somehow art. Absolutely inspiring work.

  4. Oh, and the composite is dynamite. If only I had the time to play around and learn to use the software on that level.

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