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Over Christmas I was introduced to Moleskin notebooks. Specifically the pocket notebooks. I did some research and found the Moleskin web site and really liked this story board notebook. Each page has preprinted boxes almost exactly the shape of a web site. This could be a really good book for sketching page layouts. What kind of paper do you use to sketch layout ideas?

I tend to use plain paper to sketch layout ideas however I’m surprisingly bad at drawing squares and it’s cool that there is a product for people like me. The only drawback to this notebook is the lack of space to write notes next to each layout idea. Hmmm…

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  1. the moleskin reporter’s notebook style with grid lines has worked really well for me..when i do storyboard, i flip the notebook horizontal and have a nice long paper workspace. another thing that’s cool is the grid lines disappear when you xerox it.

  2. I just got the one with a grid on it a few weeks before Christmas and it allows me to sketch and write notes in the same book. I love it. I can keep projects together and write or draw anything related to it. Plus, the pocket in the back is a bonus too. I think I may be a Moleskin man for life.

  3. You could always use the top square for the layout and the bottom square for writing notes. That way you have one layout per page.

  4. I love mine too, got it a ferw months ago (grid, like Bens) …I prefer the smaller of the 2, since it fits in my pocket and I can sketch ideas wherever I am….now if only someone could think of a way to carry a pencil without having it break the tip or poke me when I sit down…hmmm.

  5. Gotta love the Moleskine. I’ve been a devotee for quite some time. I was pleased as punch when the moleskine craze took off. They’re much easier to find and a lot more variations have come along. (i.e. the storyboard version, etc.)

    I think it’s probably a futile crusade, but I have to try. Almost everywhere I find them for sale, I hear them called mole-skins (like the hide of a mole). It’s pronounced “mol-uh-skeen-uh” or “mol-uh-skeen”> There. I tried. 🙂

    I’m awaiting the availability of Patrick Ng’s M.bian Case which he developed specifically for the moleskine. His site is pretty cool as well. Do take a look. He has the inside scoop on new items in the moleskine world.

  6. Wow! I had no idea these were so popular. Thanks for the feedback about pronounciation Jason. That’s useful. I found it interesting that the price for notebooks is less on the official Moleskin site as compared to B&N or

    Ward: That’s cool that the lines don’t photocopy. That’s smart.

  7. i was wondering where i can get mine, moleskin doesnot ship these anywhere outside US, im in Pakistan, I really need this, cant find an alternative here.. any suggestions about who ships this internationally besides…

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