Modes of transportation in and around Vancouver

On my trip to British Columbia I saw quite a bit of transportation and captured enough photos I think are neat enough to share.

On July 30th thousands of boats left the harbor to go watch the fireworks show celebrating British Columbia Day where three fireworks companies compete to win the crowds approval. Look at all of the boats. Imagine now all of them at 1 am heading back to port at night and drunk. Yeah, I had fun imagining it myself.

A floatplane cruises overhead. These were everywhere!

A tugboat in Vancouver.

The ferry.

Bike riding in Stanley Park.

Taxi and car.

A freight ship and a sailboat. I don’t think it gets any more different than that.

4 responses to “Modes of transportation in and around Vancouver”

  1. Oh wow, great pics Chris! I’ve been a transportation nerd since my mother read “The Boat Book” to me at age 3 🙂

    We just moved into a new office near the Chicago River, a train station and the Green Line El train — it looks like a lego city out our window.

  2. Hey great pics of a very cool town. No offense to any other town/city out there, but if I had to live outside of NZ, I’d live in Vancouver at the drop of a hat.

    I lived there twice for only 3 month spells, but it’s a transport town. The sky rail is cool, the buses are every 5 mins and go everywhere, but the coolest of the cool are the false creek ferries.

    They are the dinkiest boats out, and for next to noghint you can hire one for an evening cruise around vancouver. BYO wine and cheese.

    What a town.

  3. **lived in vancouver for my whole life**

    Firstly, the boats don’t leave at 1 am….they leave right after the firworks so that they can get back to the harbour and reserve a spot as quick as possible. ANNND there not drunk becuase if you went to the fireworks and at around 9:30 you would see flashing blue lights on the water, those are police boats. They go around to see if your drunk because technically your not alowed to drink and drive on a boat.

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