Mini photo album of the future

The mini photo album of the future is here. Instead of printing individual photos, why not print a mini album? This idea will go far. QOOP has just introduced these little albums. Looks like you can get two for $16 of the biggest size (starting at 20 pages). Cool stuff.

5 responses to “Mini photo album of the future”

  1. Thanks… I used it last night to to make a photo book I’ve been telling somebody I’d put together for months.. I haven’t yet used iphoto’s feature but it’s nice that this integrates with flickr because I’ve been trying to put most of my photos up there.

    I don’t really like how they force you to buy 2 copies of the book you are making. Still, it was only $20.50 shipped for the biggest size.

  2. Hi Ben! That’s awesome! If you can definately report back and tell me how the quality is. I’m thinking of ordering a few for myself. I am betting that the two quantity thing is a simple way for them to double their orders.

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