Milk a Cow

Have you ever milked a cow? I bet there are a ton of people who haven’t.

I have, and there was this one time I stayed with some friends (this was about 10 years ago) and they had a dairy cow. They had so much extra milk on hand that they came up with inventive ways to use it. One of those was to make ice cream, every single day.

3 responses to “Milk a Cow”

  1. I lived on a ranch for a year as a child and milked the cows every day. We, too, had a ton of excess milk. We made a lot of butter and ice cream and even experimented with cheese.

    It’s definitely one of those “riding a bicycle” things if you did it daily for a while: I’m positive I’ll never forget how to do it, and can even sort-of _feel_ it in the palms of my hands as I type this. Freaky!

  2. Yeah so how is it milking a cow. My wife has it stuck in her head that we need pigmy goats so that we can have goats milk and cheese and other things. I am not particularly in favor of the idea but she has a way of getting these kind of things done.

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