Microsoft Publisher is not a design tool

I just met with a new prospective client that had their entire web site designed in Publisher. That program is so hard to use even I was impressed.

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  1. Haha. I just sent in a proposal to a client where their current site has a generator tag with “Publisher 98” in it. Talk about old school!

  2. I’m working with a client in Florida now that sent me all of the content and layout “suggestion” all in Publisher files. Microsoft doesn’t have a Publisher reader (that I’m aware of) so we wasted a lot of time trying to get me the files I needed.

    I’m actually debating on whether I should purchase Publisher, not to do any developing with, but rather to avoid the hassle of not being able to view the files that my clients tend to use.

  3. That’s amazing. I haven’t run into this problem until yesterday. Interesting. Another favorite: when a designer sends me their site design in Quark files.

  4. I am embarrassed to admit I have Publisher installed — it came with the M$ Office package we have. I won’t admit to ever using it.

    Ask them for a more useful format. Publisher 2003 can natively save to TIF, JPG, & PNG. All versions can write a Postscript file, which you can convert to PDF.

    One advantage of not being able to open their files is that you don’t have to use their ‘suggestions’. Or waste time telling them how stupid their ideas are.

  5. I glanced at that Microsoft article. I like how Microsoft is saying that “PDF is the new commercial printing standard.” I guess they’re admitting Adobe has one upped them in that area.


    You’re assuming the client has the knowledge to create, or even save in a non-native format. Making such assumptions over long distance calls or via online PM services is a good use of time. Just because one has the program, doesn’t mean anything.

    To totally disregard client suggestions, or worse, tell them how “stupid” they are…well, you might as well jump full on into the grave, since you’ll have one foot firmly planted there anyway.

  7. I have a client that is holding up a $15,000 project just because they cant get me the artwork “they made, and want to use” because its in publisher. They dont even know how to save to any other format.

    High blood pressure?

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