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Matt Cutts has some very cool videos

I was just browsing What a Savage and came across this fabulous listing of videos. One of my favorites is SEO Myths and on it he answers the myth that you shouldn’t have all of your sites on one IP address. He basically says that if you have 2,000 sites you don’t want to have them on one IP address / server, but for the average Joe, you’re fine.

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  1. That’s a funny myth, also if you did have 2,000 sites on the same server they would be grinding something chronic. May as well have 2,000 modified pocket calculators serving one site each. 😀

  2. I was thinking the same thing. If you could even get 2,000 sites to run on a server, imagine the backup routine. It would be insane.

  3. I think it would be interesting to make one machine that has a decent amount of RAM and CPU power behind it, wack in a RAID, with 40GB of space and you could serve 2,000 – 20MB sites.

    Wonder how it would go. You’d then need to make 2,000 simultaneous requests to the server, one per site. See how it goes, hear how it grinds.