Making Money or Monkey in MLM

Have you ever known anybody that made money with a MLM business (multi-level-marketing)? I ask because someone just stopped in our office and was really excited about a product he was selling, but in order to make money at it he needed to sign one person up every month and have all of those people sign their friends up. He was actually optimistic about it, too. Crazy!

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  1. I used to work in house for an MLM, and there actually are people who make TONS of money. But the key really is that you have to be at the top of the MLM because then everyone below you is making money. The people pulling in 30 grand weren’t selling crap anymore, they were teaching the people they’d signed up where they can find more suckers to sign up. Although there were some perks to selling the most crap, high sellers would get prizes like Hawaiian vacations, new cars, and cruises.

    The vast majority of people, however, were being completely ripped off for a product that didn’t work, and were pouring money into a shady company (and they all are) that could go under at any moment. A lot of these people are sad cases, mom’s working 2 and 3 part time jobs who just want some hope of a better future, and are paying hundreds of dollars for starter packs while the owner is getting fat with millions at little to no risk for himself. It was just really sad seeing all these hopefull people and knowing everything was pretty much rigged. (Obviously it got to me enough to leave)

  2. I think the concept of MLM is okay, but unfortunately you alienate your ‘warm maket’ (friends and family) because the Amways of the world have given the MLM structure a bad stigma, so naturally, people tend to shy away from anything that seems like a recruiting setup.

    Even if the product or service is the cat’s pajamas, it takes a certain personality to be able to pull of MLM. Sadly, that guy ain’t me…

  3. I’ve been in an MLM and some have really earned a *ridiculous* amount of money. Study the business plan and make sure that the company is earning from product sales. Other companies claiming to be MLMs that require you to recruit and/or get their revenues from membership fees are actually classified as pyramid scams, which are considered illegal in some countries.

  4. I made $6000 in a week off of an online MLM a couple years ago.

    Then several news agencies started doing articles on them and people sort of stopped and it died. I think if that MLM cycled today I’d make $10,000 instantly.

    Like others have said, getting in on the top is pretty much they key to success.

  5. Wow, these are some interesting observations. Thanks everybody. I asked the question because every time I see someone that is in an MLM they have so much enthusiasm for hte product, and you only hear good things.

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