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Design Observer has an interesting look at how almost all of todays magazine covers are really just photos with a headline and type treatments. Years ago they were a story and an idea usually accompanied by an engaging picture or icon. Yesterday’s covers had a message within the design that they were saying to everyone.

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  1. This place sounds great already! Great location, too. See you tomorrow and good luck with the new business….

  2. Hey Ali – let me know what you think if you go today. I am intending to make a trip over there, but it’s not yet decided whether I’ll make it. However it’s on my list!

  3. I finally located this coffee shop. It is NOT in the Wal-Mart but you can see it from the parking lot. It is southeast from the entrance of Wal-Mart across the parking lot. Head towards the Starbucks the greeter pointed you towards and head south (away from the Wal-Mart entrance) along the line of stores there. The shop is two (I think) buildings south of the one Starbucks is in. When I drove by it this weekend (Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday) the store still looked to be ‘in progress’. I tried to go in and I was told they weren’t open for business yet but were expecting to open soon.

  4. I drove by just a few min ago and this store still looks to be closed. I will post when it is open and I will leave my impressions. I can say, from the one time I was in the store (they were doing interviews so the door was unlocked) the store looked cozy with cinnamon/brown walls and cream highlights. I couldn’t tell what the final decor would be like, but the place had a small but comfortable feel. Also – I don’t know what they were baking the day I was there but the smell was INCREDIBLE. I can’t wait until it is open.

  5. I can’t believe that Starbucks didn’t insist on an exclusive. You know? And it’s awesome that this coffee shop owner is brave enough to open literally next door to a Starbucks.

  6. The store is on the same side as Starbuck’s just before it, right next to the Urgent Care Facility. It is not opened yet, but I was there yesterday and they say they are a bit behind schedule and will open next week. Check out the prices on the board…99 cents for a cup of coffee!! The prices are great and wireless is free. There is a real cozy
    feeling with candles and lamps on every table, and a sofa and rocking chair.

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