Macromedia + Adobe = ?

I’m really surprised about this: Adobe and Macromedia joining forces. Or rather, Adobe is buying Macromedia.

What is the future of all of the products that compete? Like Illustrator vs. Freehand, and GoLive vs. Dreamweaver, and Fireworks vs. ImageReady. I’m curious.

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  1. I’m really interested to see what happens. You’ve got the two biggest multimedia/graphics companies merging together. This oughta be good.

  2. Who will be their competition? Microsoft Paint? Corel? Maybe Paint Shop Pro! HAhahahahaha

  3. hmm… yeah..

    well you know, I’m kinda worried about all the money they spent acquiring macromedia. Where does all that money go? to the stockholders of macromedia or what? The real question is if that money will remove macromedia’s steady drive to produce something better? or will it enable them to do more?

  4. Now that I think about it, I guess it’s fitting that Adobe purchased Macromedia.. I remember using flash when it was called “Futuresplash”, back before macromedia acquired it. And macromedia took it and turned it into a real gem. I hope Adobe and Macromedia join their forces for good and really turn out some even more awesome stuff.

    Just think of the possibilities… Full photoshop style layer effects rendered in real time with a web-based flash engine that used hardware acceleration…

  5. Those are some good points Tommy. I agree, if Adobe can bring some of the experience from Photoshop and Illustrator over to the web, and vice versa, it could be really good.

    I just think Adobe should take on Macromedia’s level of customer focus. When I’m on the Macromedia web site I feel like it’s talking to me. The Adobe site is boring.

  6. It will be interesting what Adobe would do with all the (formally known as) Allare and eHelp technology that is now Macro’s.

    Other then the graphics tools you guys should think about what PDF means with Flash and what it means for Adobe to have Breeze…

  7. Oh, that’s an interesting thought. Flash and PDF. I think it’d be cool if the Flash Player could display PDFs.

    I know one thing for sure: Importing Illustrator files into Flash will be a lot easier!!

  8. Noooooo,

    as it’s been said, who’s the competition. Competition brings innovation, this can’t be good. It’s that whole blood convergence arguement. I want dreamweaver to stay dreamweaver, and fireworks to stay fireworks. Qrgh.

  9. If customer service online is an indicator — Adobe taking Macromedia over won’t be a good thing for customers.

    Over half the time I go to Adobe’s site I get errors. Macromedia online is almost always a pleasant experience.

    Perhaps Macromedia will bring it’s web designers to the Adobe table.

    If Adobe & Macromedia are selling products (largely) for internet use, their sites are the true testament to their products.

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