Lycos is ugly

Is the Lycos website not the worst website you’ve ever seen for a major company? I mean, seriously, it’s ugly!! It’s even harder to use than Fry’s Electronics.

3 responses to “Lycos is ugly”

  1. Ugly? Perhaps not real intuitive to use, but not something I would classify as ugly.

    Now Frye’s is ugly, albiet easier to understand.

    Did you get my email on the nbc site? After I sent it I noticed that ABC and CBS are extremely similiar, in an almost spooky way.

  2. Hi Mark,
    Yep, got the email on NBC. I’ll post that in a day or two. Thanks. You’re right. Lycos isn’t ugly, it’s just really hard to use. I wonder what they were thinking. Fry’s is ugly in their stores, too. Have you ever been to one? The sales and service people are so un-friendly it’s amazing. I refuse to go there.

  3. I’ve seen uglier. Personally, I find Yahoo’s home page hideous and user-hostile. Strange, considering how good their e-mail service has become.

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