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Lux Coffee Bar

I took this photo over at Lux Coffee Bar in Phoenix last week.

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  1. I see a lot of these kinds of pics of coffee cups. How difficult is that to do? I assume it’s a simple manuever with the spoon and some cream, no?

  2. Nice shot. I was wondering do they do this just for taking photos or is this built into the charging $7 a cup?

  3. Thanks Chris. It seemed awful difficult but I see now that it’s easy peezy.

  4. It’s something that better coffee shops know how to do. If you ask for your coffee in a mug, you increase your chances of having some latte art.

  5. We visited a great friends 3 times last week (week of April 30, 2007) and I’m still thinking about Lux. I loved the place, the people, the service, the food and especially the coffee! We got up very early to be able to hang out there longer the morning we flew back to Chicago so we’d have more time! My husband and I met and married in Seattle and this is the best coffee place I’ve ever seen. Everything about it was just right. It wasn’t too perfect and cool (can get annoying) it was very comfy and was just what we needed – 3 times the week were in Arizona. Outstanding. Go now, go often.