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We were on the homepage for about 12+ hours starting last night (here is a link to Tom’s Digg about speeding up your Windows login procedure) and we’re still on the popular list.

In all, 1,102 people have “Dugg” the article Tom posted. Somehow we got two links to the same article on One has a slash at the end of the URL and the other does not. It’s interesting how both have climbed to a steady popular ranking.

More than a dozen sites posted about the article and linked back to BrainFuel.

Net result: Roughly 20,000 unique visits and for a while our server wasn’t even accessible (it killed our database server) and we had 150 connections per second. Google Analytics says we had a 88.22% bounce rate today. Wooohoo!! It was truly interesting to watch as I’ve always wondered if our server could handle it. We have work to do. With all of that said, I’m really curious to see if any of the new visitors stick around.

By Chris Tingom

Principal of Tornado Design, a Phoenix, AZ based web consultancy

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