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Typically we talk about and show you web sites that are inspiring in one form or another, and it’s rare that we talk about logos. Today I’ve decided to post a zip file for download. Basically, over the years whenever I’ve seen a great logo or a neat icon that speaks to me I’ve saved a copy to my hard drive.

Presenting the BrainFuel collection of great logos we didn’t design. Over 150 logos in a single zip file.

Please let me know if this sort of thing is helpful by leaving a comment.

4 responses to “Logo design inspiration”

  1. Very cool. I want to thank you guys for great links and resources served fresh nearly every day. Keep up the good work!

  2. love it, its like youve downloaded all of coolhomepages.com 🙂 have a look at my site and see if any of my ‘efforts’ are worthy for addition

  3. Actually, it’s quite true that some of those are from coolhomepages.com. I remember downloading some of the better ones off of their logo page a couple of years ago and totally forgot. Either way, it only represents a small percentage of the great logos in the zip file.

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