Linux: Which flavor is best?

All you Linux geeks please tell me which is better and why: Debian, SuSE or Fedora. I’m going to be installing one of them next week for a web server.

3 responses to “Linux: Which flavor is best?”

  1. Thanks Don, this is excellent. If you want my opinion, this is exactly why Linux isn’t on most business desktops. Their are too many flavors. Most people probably don’t have the desire to decide.

  2. I would recommend SuSe. Debian is for power users, and much of the initial configuration is daunting for beginners and must be done manually. (Keep in mind I haven’t used Debian in a few years, so this might have changed.)

    SuSe, from what I understand, is based primarily on Red Hat, so it is probably one of the easier ones to get up and running quickly and easily.

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