Like a bird I begin my southerly trek

I’m off to Brazil for two weeks! I will try to post something up here but I don’t know whether I’ll have internet access. I know that Tom, Jeff, Kent, Ben, Andrew, and Ward will be able to keep you entertained while I am away.

Two weeks without the internet will likely do me a lot of good. It’s my first time to Brazil and I have a lot planned around my cousin’s wedding.

Places I’ll be visiting:

Anyways, I hope everyone has a good time while I’m away. Go get a second monitor for your computer because having a second monitor increases your productivity 20 to 30%!

Check out the State Dept.’s warnings about Brazil. My favorite: “In Rio de Janeiro City, motorists are allowed to treat stoplights as stop signs between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. to protect against holdups at intersections.” Wish me luck!

2 responses to “Like a bird I begin my southerly trek”

  1. dude, the birds are flying north right now. the ‘like a bird’ phrase should have been saved for your return trip.

    at any rate, have fun dude-brah.

  2. Hey ! Don’t be so afraid ! I’ll will be very well received here in Brazil. I hope you have a pleaseant trip !

    You have to have the same precautions that you need in any trip at any country: take care of your personal stuff and know where are you steping.

    Have a nice trip.

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