Lights I wish my car had

There are a few lights I wish my car had, the “check engine” light really isn’t doing enough for me. These are the ones I’d like to see auto manufacturers consider.

Sell this car now!

Your front right tire is about to blow, just thought I’d tell ya!

Cough! Check the oil buddy!

The engines pretty much gonna blow in a month, you might want to sell it first.

There’s a leak in the rear manifold and it’s big.

Your spare tire happens to be flat.

You’re running out of window wash fluid.

Your wheels aren’t aligned.

Your battery is about to die.

8 responses to “Lights I wish my car had”

  1. How about that little warning light which goes off in your head right before you sign the papers to buy it???

  2. How about a light that says: “You could save more by switching to Geico!”

    On my Chrysler and also some Dodge vehicles you can do a sequence with your keys and it will give you all your engine error codes on the electronic odemeter, which you can look up on the internet, so you do not even need to go out and by a engine code reader and you know whats wrong before you drop you vehicle off.

  3. One of the easiest and cheapest ways I know of to figure out what’s the matter with your car is: Auto Zone.

    They’ll hook up a diagnostic reader to your car’s computer for free. They’ll also check your battery and/or alternator for free.

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