Lifetime supply of your favorite beverage

If you could win a lifetime supply of your favorite beverage what would it be?
Second question: Please quantify “lifetime supply” in your own terms.

11 responses to “Lifetime supply of your favorite beverage”

  1. It would be 2 x Sobe Lizard Lightning’s everyday of the year for the rest of my life. Best beverage I’ve ever had, and I can *NEVER* find it in West Michigan any more. I think I cried a little.

    The obligatory Mt. Dew or Coke, or alcoholic drink wouldn’t come even close.

  2. Milk. Milk and cookies. Milk before bed. Milk in cereal. Milk and chocolate cake and best of all, milk in my COFFEE!!!!!!!!! Yea!!!

  3. Oh wow, that vitamin water is awesome.

    I just realized that my question is rather flawed in that I should have added that you can also drink other things, it’s just that you’d have a lifetime supply of one type of drink.

    Gosh, from a value perspective saying coffee at Starbucks is cool but really they sell so many types of drink. You couldn’t go wrong with iced coffee though.

    I think I’d do the same thing as AJP. I’d get the Sobe drink that’s white in color. It’s soooo good.

  4. Jeff – I guess the reason I wanted to ask about lifetime supply was because I’ve always wondered how companies quantify that. They must have a little terms and conditions thing that states that they’ll provide you with the drink for x number of years and they’ll provide x number of drinks per year. They would certainly need to cap it at some number otherwise lifetime supply would start to mean I can have a party and everybody has enough.

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