What does somebody need to do to be a legend? People often speak of “legends” in a specific field or moment in time. I’m curious about this. Is there a way to get onto a fast track program?

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  1. Is it even possible for legends to exist in this modern day ADHD world. It seems like people get bored so quickly of hearing about the same person over and over that i would imagine that we don’t allow legends to come into being. Lord knows I have tried.

  2. The way I see it (and this is merely my opinion):
    A great man breaks the mold. A legendary man creates one.

    There are many great people who stand out and do things that are original or groundbreaking. However, when I hear about a legend, it is usually the someone who created something that was so revolutionary, innovative, and/or out of reach that there was no ‘mold’ to even compare it to.

  3. I always assumed it meant being the best at what you do, and going a step further and pioneering in your field.

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