The Kohl’s site is interesting. Selling everything from shoes to shower curtains on a single site presents a challenge. I think Kohl’s does a pretty good job with the organization.

They have high level categories (presented on the horizontal navigation bar) and a wide range of area wide navigation in a text-based vertical navigation. Quite easy to get around.

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  1. ok, after that review i’m dragging my fanny over there this weekend. i’m sipping an au lait from coffee unlimited currently. their version of an au lait is very good.

  2. I certinaly recommend this place if for no other reason than the friendliness of the staff and the high quality of the drink. The interior is comfy and cozy with just the right level of music – not too loud but you can easily tell it is on.

  3. I have to admit it. Inza Coffee has become but favorite place in the Scottsdale area! They always have great activities (very cultural, by the way!) from featuring different countries every month, to having musical shows, open mic, and especially the mentalist show I was a witness of! Inza, great service, great atmosphere, great people, but mostly, great CAFE! (I’m improving my Spanish!)

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