Be a Venture Capitalist (it’s time you got a better job anyways)

Want to play Venture Capitalist for a day? Be the lender you are and spread the love. Want to fund a new business start up? And do it single handedly? Then go check out Kiva because now you can.

At least, in Africa.

The idea is that you donate $25 or more and you can help fund a company over there (really just a person) and a lot of the businesses are really simple (buying and selling goats anyone?). It’s really cool. If you visit the site check out the About Us page and take a look at the photos. I like how they made them slightly animated. Makes your typical web site photo that much more interesting.

2 responses to “Be a Venture Capitalist (it’s time you got a better job anyways)”

  1. I know, isn’t it cool? The interesting thing is they don’t let you earn interest however I think somewhere on the site it said they charge interest in some cases to the recipient. Which essentially means they use that to fund the organization. I wonder what happens if the company goes belly up.

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