King Kong comes out soon and Scott Adams has a new weblog

Scott Adams has a new blog.

A little writeup about how Flickr overtook WebShots.

Cars teaser 4.

Typo weblog engine.

This photo takes totem poles to a whole new level (or shall I say, old level).

Windows in Angra, Brazil.

Since my space ship is taking forever to build, I am thinking about an island and just moving and becoming a hermit. Any takers?

Do you serve pickles? This is so cool.

Capturing Kong – an interesting interview with Peter Jackson about King Kong by Newsweek

Here’s an interesting product and service review web site / blog written by what looks to me to be a normal person. Very cool.

This is pretty random but you can see a map of the U.S. nuclear power stations on this web site.

Apparently Google is a popular search engine.

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  1. All this has been rather abstract so far, so I want to sum up with a few concrete proposals about what journalism school needs to do to stay relevant. ,

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