Ketchup Week Starts Now! The one week a year when you can catch up!

This year marks the 4th annual Ketchup Week! Originally launched here on BrainFuel, the idea came to me a few days before Christmas, in 2005. For the first two years, it was very simple and didn’t gain much publicity. Now, tools like Twitter and Facebook make it easier to get the word out about Ketchup Week.

What is Ketchup Week? It’s one week where you can “catch up” on all of the projects you’ve been putting aside. It’s the one week when all of your customers are on vacation, and when the phone rarely rings. It is the one week when the office is quiet and distraction free.

So take the mantle, er, the ketchup and get to work on those personal dreams. Start a new business, or make a craft, or just spend time away from the mundane. Have a great Ketchup Week, everyone!

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