Sunday wrapup (links from the last week)

Here’s an interesting CMS that will be released later this summer.

Symphony looks neat, too.

Browse the Library of Congress archives online.

Uptime looks interesting. I’ve used software for this purpose but this is a hosted service.

Steve Jobs told Stanford University graduates Sunday that dropping out of college was one of the best decisions he ever made because it forced him to be innovative even when it came to finding enough money for dinner.

Something I didn’t know how to do in Windows XP and that is very cool to find. How to turn off startup applications (it only allows you to turn off non-critical apps on startup).

Nokia has a new web site and the animated intro looks exactly like the Nike one.

An extinct date palm reborn after planting 2000+ year old seed found in King Herods palace. Check out the pictures.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the screw.

Learning how to say no. Boy do I need to read this.

What’s wrong with this site for Stonewall Kitchen? For some reason I like the site, but I think it needs some more structure or something. Odd.

Ever wonder why Amazon and other sites say “price too low to show, add to cart to see”? Well, the reason is that the price is below the MAP price. “MAP Price” stands for “Minimum Advertised Price” which means that they are not allowed to advertise some of the actual prices because they are below the manufacturers Minimum Advertised Price. When manufacturers sell a product wholesale, you are given a suggested retail, a manufacturers minimun advertised price, and a cost. Amazon sells stuff at the MAP price most of the time.

Paypal is now in the merchant services business. Meaning you can use it to proces credit cards without having to require your customers have a Paypal account. Cool.

Phoenix the sweatiest city? No, I don’t think so. It’s a dry heat.

Here’s a link to a speach Steve Jobs gave (an mp3 that’s compressed in the tar format, why can’t more people use the zip format?).

I wonder if anybody can shed some light on this product?

Neat looking camera.

Play Duck Hunt (the classic Nintendo game) online.

Press the spacebar and move around with the keyboard to play this game.

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  1. One more CMS to toss into the ring. Manager interface isn’t so great during it’s technology preview release phase (horrible, actually) but the features and incredible depth available if you choose behind a great CMS for managaging anything from simple marketing sites to full-blown custom web apps (a great API, btw) is pretty cool:

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