Curious links from the past three weeks

Now this is one BIG fish!

The new ice age trailer.

Here’s a big agency in North Carolina I’ve never heard of. Fifty employees.

Make a polaroid picture!

Here’s a really good explanation of how F-Stops work in cameras. If you read only one thing, read the last set of bullet points.

ISO Standards: Inc Magazine article called So many standards to follow, so little payoff – explains how ISO compliance is good for some companies (enables you to get some major contracts) and bad for others (high cost vs rewards). Also explains the history of ISO Certification.

If you were going to sail across the ocean, or be without electricity for a while and you had to charge your laptop you could use this thingy. I’m thinking since working in the sun would be a difficult thing to do (you couldn’t see the monitor well) the idea is that you charge your laptop battery when you are not using it.

SHOWUP.COM – Phoenix events.

How Subway Restaurants began.

Warren Buffett lunch commands $351,100 on eBay. COMING SOON TO EBAY! Lunch with Chris Tingom! You can talk about anything you want or ask me any question you can think of, and the highest bidder gets to meet me for lunch anywhere in Phoenix, Arizona. Inspiration.

Have you see Wikipedia? Yes. Ok. Well, have you seen the WikiMedia? I didn’t think so. An example page on Coffee shows tons of photos of coffee and they are categorized very nicely. They’re also all free images. Pretty cool.

I wonder if this will catch on: Sandboards.

These chalk signs are pretty cool. I like the Lord of The Bings one the best.

10 Years:… and an interesting interview with Jeff Bezos.

Crazy story about sheep jumping off a cliff.

WordPress Admin designs.

Nice jobs page (via Bill Brown) (Via Mister Shape)

Transportation Stock Photography… could be useful for someone, somewhere, someday.

Chess960 sounds really cool. Essentially the idea is that you set up your pawns the same way and all of the back row pieces any way you want (the black sets up a mirror image of whatever the white sets up). It removes the use of memorized openings which makes the game interesting from move #1.

Really cool photo.

Wow! This is one big honkin’ stinkin’ big giant shark!

Insane PageRank calculator tool. Read this great article about PageRank and pay attention to the charts. Interesting stuff.

This is funny: Donald Trump wants to renovate the UN for 700 million dollars, saving the UN $500 million dollars over their expected costs. How in the world do you estimate a renovation to be 1.2 billion dollars? That’s amazing. Check it out:

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  1. If an organization “implements ISO 9001″ to obtain a certificate then it will obtain less value than a company that uses the standard to improve the system it uses to run the business.

    The INC article focused on the woes of the former organizations and did not report on the successes of the latter.

    Any company can use ISO 9001 to develop its process-based management system so it could be used to drive its core process to add value faster while the system enables employees to prevent loss sooner. The core process, by the way, translates the needs of customers into cash in the bank (ready for the six sigma treatment).

    Our website has described how our clients do this since 1997 and this is based on the hardcopy guidance we have published since 1987.

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