iTunes or Napster? Why…?

Napster apparently ran a SuperBowl tv commercial and showed this chart. Does anybody care anymore? I find it amusing that Napster used to have a really good brand feeling. At least, in 1999 through 2000 when they were top of the online music world. Nobody had mp3 players back then. It was all on the computer or on CD. Has Napster been away from the market too long? Is Napster still cool? Why is iTunes cooler? Is it because of the iPod, or not?

It’s also interesting to note that Apple introduced the iTunes music player first, and then the Music Store and then the iPod. All of these other services are barely touting their computer playlist organizer software and instead trying to sell the music. In fact, Napster works with about ten dozen different players.

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  1. Haha, you know what’s funny? Napster isn’t telling you the whole truth. Last time I checked they charge you money to DOWNLOAD music onto your MP3 player! They even charge you if you burn a CD with music you got from Napster.

  2. I’ve practically stopped listening to music anymore except for the radio and my radio station. Launch is really cool cuz you can watch music videos and everything, and you can create your own personalize radio station that plays just the styles of music you like based on how you rate what you’re listening to. It’s great for the office.

  3. Wow, interesting take on it guys. The article at Daring Fireball sure was cool. I liked his approach to writing it.

    Me? I like talk radio. Yup, there. I said it. My favorite shows? Rush Limbaugh and maybe Barry Young (he’s nearly famous) and some other locals but those two are the best. I usually listen in the car though, so that’s a grand total of about 30 minutes a day, most days. If I’m going to a meeting, well, then I can catch a good hour extra!

    If I could, I’d listen to Brian Regan comedy all day long (if there were new content). Silence sometimes is the best though. Absolute quiet.

  4. Sir, you have your order wrong. First came iTunes, then came the iPod (they may have debuded at about the same time), then came the store. The Napster of old is long dead and gone. These boneheads just bought the name and logo. Unlimited songs for a month for $15.00. What a ruse.

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