It’s September

Interesting links from the past several weeks.

Captain Chimera is a long story being written by a lot of people. Currently their are 25 people lined up to write and the first 9 have already written their parts and the story is unfolding (I haven’t read it yet). Anyways, the brainchild behind it, a guy named Philip asked us to post a link because he’s looking for people to write for it. Here’s the link with more information.

If you’re in the market for a CMS have a look at this list of systems with comments.

Good project scheduling tip.

WYSIWYG editor for WordPress (planned for 1.6 release).

We’ve got all kinds of ideas for tshirts of our own, but what do you folks think, should we order a couple of these?

ScreenFlash looks like a great way to produce online software demos.

Neat looking to-do list manager for Windows. I haven’t tried it.

How to integrate Google Maps on Your Website.

Here’s a slick charting and graphing tool that outputs XML data into Flash.

A plugin for WordPress 1.5 to help with making and maintaining lists.

Structured Blogging: – this is going to be huge.

Joseph Hodges web site… he’s a designer that designs most of the buildings and sets for the Fox show 24.

Google has so much on their mind. My mind tells me that this isn’t gonna happen.

K2 Mod for WordPress.

The Wikipedia article for marchFIRST.

UDM is a DHTML menu system for pull down menus. Looks really sharp.

MODx CMS looks interesting. Even if all you like is the cool graphic on the homepage (TAKE CTRL) built using keyboard letters. Neato. The project is run by Ryan Thrash (who kindly designed our favicon years ago) and we chatted about the project and it sounds pretty cool. Check out the forums, too. 😉

RailFrog CMS is another one that looks promising.

Django is a nice looking site.

Poll plugin for WordPress. More info here.

WordPress Asides plugin.

Moodle is an open source course management system for schools and universities to use as an alternative to Blackboard.

An interesting looking Plugin for WordPress that lets you integrate XML galleries straight out of Picasa.

I like some of the marketing ideas on this site.

Goovite is like evite just with less clutter and no usernames and passwords.

Check out this amazing photograph of Ottawa with a deep blue sky with puffy white clouds. Amazing!

Writely looks cool.

2 responses to “It’s September”

  1. These types of posts have true value for revisitors – the regular image / photo posts have no value to man or his dog.
    Not sure if I am a lone voice or the only person who checks your site on a regular basis. Take it with a pinch of salt.

  2. Jason – I’m glad someone sees the value in these huge link fests. I wasn’t sure either way. The photos will continue as that’s a hobby and lots of my friends visit BrainFuel. Others have commented that BrainFuel needs more focus (e.g. stay on a single topic – web design) but I’m not listening.

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