It’s hot outside: Global Warming

Do you believe in global warming? What do you think of it? Is it caused by humans? I used to think it was all fake but then a few years ago when they started showing photos like these it really became real to me. You can’t argue with photos.

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  1. It is happening, though not as much as was expected. I expect that to continue. I think the earth can handle more of our waste CO2 than it’s given credit for, but of course that’s no reason to be wasteful.

  2. Thats crazy. I lived in SA for a spell a couple years back and they have wet winters but i wouldn’t have thought snow.

    And yes I believe in global warming. I was talking about it the other day with this guy and he was throwing out stats about how Mt. St. Helens threw more crap into the air than all of humanity. But even so I dont think that the earth is in perfect harmony. A few huge volcanos could completely destroy the environment but i dont think that we are helping. I’ll do my part, drive less, walk more, stop starting forest fires. But i am not overly zealous about it.

  3. What’s to believe? It’s there.

    Or are you asking about the causes of global warming? The scientific community is basically unanimous on whether it’s happening, but there’s a little debate on exactly what causes it. But the correlation between industrialization, carbon/methane increase, and temperature increase is pretty startling.

  4. Yeah. I believe in Global Warming, because we used to have an Ice Age, and we don’t now. So, obviously it happens. It has also been happening long before man ever came along.

    I see a lot of people that pitch Global Warming like some people pitch religion:

    “I can’t absolutely prove it, but, we should all act like it’s true, just because if it is true, we would all be screwed if we did nothing.”

    I think it’s slightly silly to think that something is wrong with our planet because it inconveniences humans… I mean, like we are the shiznit or something.

    I think the new catch phrase should be “Shift Happens”… as in climate shift. Okay, that was a lame joke.

  5. I lived in Maseru, Lesotho (which is like 3-6 hour drive from Jo’burg) for a coulpe of years. We had snow in the winter of 1992 or 1993, and Maseru is approximately the same height. It’s unusual but happens.

    I don’t belive that human CO2 pollution, is the reason for changing klima. I belive more in the theory of Solar Variation, just seems like the most well documented theory. Look at the graf’s 🙂

    Not said that the amount of CO2 release is acceptable.

  6. Has anyone seen Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth? Totally worth the time if you can find a theater that’s playing it. Lot’s of evidence in favor of global warming that’s hard to explain away.

  7. An Inconvenient Truth really does do a good job of explaining things. I was quite the skeptic but after seeing the film I decided I needed to do some research. I now have absolutely no doubt that it’s real, it’s man-caused, and it’s a very serious danger.

  8. You guys–this is ridiculous!
    I have no doubt that global warming is FALSE.
    Look at the overall temperatures. They change..hmm…let’s see…1-2 degrees in less than a hundred years! That’s a BLINK OF AN EYE. Really, we don’t have enough data. If we had measurements from a thousand years that would be fine, but still small.
    And, how are we so sure that the measurements from the past are correct?
    Plus, climate changes are normal. We just have existed on this earth (with our technology and such) for so little a time period that we can’t base our beliefs on one snowstorm in Africa.
    Get real!

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