It’s a slow week

Christmas has come and gone, there was a lot of rush right up until Christmas and suddenly it’s all very slow. Last week, just about everyone who lives in Arizona was on the roads coming and going (probably all that last minute shopping). It really clogged up the roads.

This week between Christmas and New Years Day is really one of my favorites. Everyone is sort of on a mental vacation – not really working. Or, working but it feels like a vacation.

So did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?

Some recurring themes I keep seeing this year: Fun t-shirts, Starbucks gift cards, Return of the King DVD, and cool gadgets.

Well, it’s back to work –

2 responses to “It’s a slow week”

  1. Starbucks got so many Starbucks card process requests the day after Christmas that the network went down Company wide. –BTW here’s a good t-shirt I got a friend, “Note to self. Do not eat pink insulation…Not cotton candy”

  2. Hey Kent, wow, that’s insane! Pretty crazy… I’ll try to call you in the next day or two. I have been busy but things are looking up so we’ll have to get together soon for coffee or something.

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