IT Jobs Most Stressful Study Says

File this under “I completely understand.”

IT experts are more likely to suffer from stress than any other professional, according to the survey.

A staggering 97 percent of people working in IT claim to find their life at work stressful on a daily basis.

Four out of five IT consultants feel stressed before they even enter the workplace, in anticipation of another day juggling complaints, pressure from managers and daily targets.

And a quarter of IT experts are under such enormous pressure to perform at work they have taken time off suffering with stress.

The poll also revealed that a third of IT professionals say it is difficult to get the work done when managers are constantly on their backs.

One IT respondent said: “I spend most of my day fielding calls from people who don’t even have a basic knowledge of computers and printers.

“It is amazing the amount of time I spend teaching people where the on-off button is.

“And when I do actually find a technical problem to solve, I have my manager breathing down my neck wondering why I have a backlog of complaints.”

Kevin Young, managing director of SkillSoft says: “Our research was sparked by a recent Gartner report which claims that the untrained or under-trained desktop user will cost an organization five times more to support than a well-trained worker. This led us to thinking about how much pressure this must also put on the IT professionals who have to provide such support.

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4 responses to “IT Jobs Most Stressful Study Says”

  1. I saw this on Digg, and I think this survey is a bunch of crap. I wasn’t able to get any information about the people who conducted it, but for years every survey I’ve seen ranks the most stressful jobs as: 1. president, 2. air traffic controler, 3. police/fire emergency dispatcher. Granted the job market is changing, but c’mon.

    Comparing my own IT/design career with that of my parents’ (emergency dispatcher, and policeman, both retired) I can definitely say the pressure of saving lives and dodging bullets is far more stressful than anything one would ever encounter in this field.

  2. Beth – yeah, you make a great point. We don’t have any risk of life and limb like so many people do.

    By the way, nice to see you around BrainFuel, haven’t seen you in a while.

  3. It’s nice to be reading all my favorite blogs again! I took a new job a few months back and a vacation recently, it’s kept me pretty busy.

  4. top post is correct. yes im a IT developer, and im not saying anymore in case my my employer reads this.

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