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Is your email your to-do list?

Have you let your email become your to-do list? How much time do you spend in email per day? I’d say on average I send 30 – 60 emails a day. I often wonder if there is anybody reading them on the other end, though.

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  1. Chris – Please be assured that I read every email you send me.

    And yes, my email is my to do list. I basically have two inboxes (in M$ Outlook); my regular inbox and my “For Follow Up” inbox. As for time spent in email, it ranges anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours a day. Although I have found that starting the day by not reading my email first helps get the more important things done.

  2. Email no, Outlook yes, sometimes. I have Outlook defaulted to open to the “Outlook Today” window, and I will fill in things to do in the “tasks” section.

    Most often though, I’ll just scribble a handwritten note to my self on a post-it and stick it somewhere on or near my computer.

  3. Tomas, that is a great idea! Two inboxes. I’m surprised I hadn’t thought of that already (not that I’m some kind of smarty pants to be reckoned with or anything).

    Yes, a huge and loud resounding YES; my inbox is my todo list. Handwritten notes are the most effective for me and usually scribed from my inbox as I go.

    And as mark said, if I start my day with my inbox, it becomes a slightly less productive day than if I keep it for after 9 or 10 am.

  4. I forward any task related emails to my account.
    It makes the title of the forward the name of the task and stores the body as the task details.

    Whats even better is, its free.
    (shouldnt have told you that, it wont be free for long now)