Is the economy good or bad?

I personally think the economy is pretty good. Business is good, we have too much of it in fact, but I talk with a lot of other people who say the opposite. It appears that 7 in 10 Americans think the economy is ‘getting worse.’

What do you think?

4 responses to “Is the economy good or bad?”

  1. I own a web development/design studio in South Florida and I guess it depends on a lot of factors. We’ve been solidlly busy all year but our growth has slowed compared to previous years. I feel that this is only one-part related to the economy and the rest self-induced factors. I have no doubt that there is plenty of readily available business to be had with a bit more effort. Personally though I feel more constricted as consumer prices and real estate markets seem to be outpacing income around here.


  2. I wonder how much of the opinions of the public surveyed has to do with their perception based on what the media says, or possibly their current employment situation or industry which they are involved in.

    Was the survey meant to measure the economy, or how people feel about the economy?


  3. Personally, I would agree that the opinion is colored by the media. I don’t think that something as complex as the economy of our country can be adequately gauged by a Gallup Poll.

    The stock market may be climbing and the unemployment remains relatively low, but 7 in 10 Americans believe the economy is getting worse…

    Right there tells me that looking at the numbers would suggest something different than a 70% pessimism rate. Seven in ten people may be dissatisfied with the economy, but if the numbers say different, which carries more weight?

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