Invisibility or flight?

If you could choose to have one super power, what would you choose; either the ability to be invisible (when you want) or the ability to fly (when you want).

What would you choose?

And a follow up question: Would you use your power to fight crime?

17 responses to “Invisibility or flight?”

  1. Flight, if I could fly for as long as I needed, and wouldn’t be shot down ๐Ÿ™‚ See that’s why you need a flight/invis combo…

    Anyway, flight so I could go to Australia to see family whenever I wanted. I could use invisibility to sneak onto planes, but the layovers kill me.

  2. Did you hear the “This American Life” (a great radio program) where they asked people that exact question?

    Most people went for flight because the temptation to misuse invisibility would be too strong…

  3. Flight is by far the better power to have bestowed. you see, even if you are invisible, your body gives off heat, and infrared can easily detect your presence. you might be able to get away with snooping around in places you shouldn’t be, but fighting crime…ha, not a chance with todays technology.

    As for flight, it has it’s downsides as well, but is certainly more advantagous than being ‘invisible’. You see, if a missle is fired at you, and you are invisible…you are dead. But, at least with the ability to fly, you can try to outmanoeuvre it. Flying also gives you the opportunity to cover more ground in a shorter timeframe, and as a crime fighter that would be a great asset.

    All in all, niether have the ability to provide adequate crime fighting ability. You really need something like superhuman strength, teleportation or cell regeneration (see X-Men) to be able to fight crime.

    Jeff, the used-to-be comic book geek.

  4. Flight, hands down. If you’ve ever read The Invisible Man, you’ll know that being invisible isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

    Flight on the other hand… heh, man where do I begin? ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. My answer is flight, most definitely flight. I think the feeling of flying would be a lot more fun than the feeling of invisibility. If you want to feel invisible, you just walk down a crowded sidewalk in LA, I could do that right now, haha! I moved here from Virginia, so I’m used to making eye contact, smiling and saying hello to every stranger. Very different in LA.

    So, yes, flying. Would I fight crime? If fighting crime was what I had to do to get the flying powers, I would be willing to make that trade-off. Yeah, that would be pretty bad-ass!

  6. Flight is so much better than invisibility. You could go where ver you want. And the gas mileage is off the charts! Invisibilty would be good you cant travel any faster than now. I would use flight to fight crime occasionally but i wouldnt make it a full time job like Spider Man.

  7. I would go for invisibility, I am a little scared of heights. As far a fighting crime I don’t think that would fit it to my schedule. Especially with me getting into concerts and backstage (being invisible). Not to mention going to the bank and walking out of the vault with some cash. That and hanging out backstage at a Victoria Secret’s fashion show. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Flight looks like it wins… I would choose flight simply because of DC traffic. Jeez!!!

  9. I would definately choose invisibility. And would greatly misuse the power. I would help out with some crime fighting but mostly use it to my advantage for many different purposes. Plus being invisible i could hijack a plane and fly and know one would know it was me! ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Now then flying is best but, up to what speed? If there’s no limit then that knocks teleporting out the window ‘cos you could travel (very quickly) to wherever you wanted. If you could fly faster than the speed of light then you could possible do a bit of time-travel too!!

    Also, what good is invisibility for crime fighting? Yeah its great for the girls showers but you would have to actually BE AT a scene of a crime to be of any use.

  11. Is flying limited to running speed or human tolerance? Does it take energy to fly, or to fly faster? There is just not enough information to decide on this issue. So for now I am just going to have to stick with my God given abilities that i already have…superhuman strength.

  12. Having spent an evening contemplating and conversing with friends on this concept, I have come up with another, and some might say, better superpower – morphing.

    Having the ability to morph into another being or even object would be great – you could impersonate bad guys and find out their movements (like an undercover cop) or just become a teacup in a prison and find out illicit information.

    You could also become a college girl and enter their showers ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. I’d have to go with invisibility as well. Unfortunately I would probably misuse my power like Mick mentioned. Not for anything truly evil but most would probably consider it a misuse.

    In response to everyone mentioning the movies Hollow Man or Invisible Man, remember it was mentioned as the ability to become invisble whenever you want, not turn invisible and be stuck that way.

    As far as fighting crime, I’d do what I could but it would probably just be stuff like gathering evidence and dealing with smaller crimes.

  14. I would have to go with the less popular answer here and say invisibility. It is true that even if a person was invisible they could still be detected but it’s the same with flying. With the technology out there today you could just as easily be detected in the air as you could be when invisible.

    When you’re invisible your body does give of heat and you would still make noise with your actions, but you would still be invisible, plain and simple.

    Now if you have the ability to fly, it still doesn’t change the fact that you’re still a human with human boundaries (except for the flying part). That being said, you could still fly, but first you have to take off and even if you don’t think anyone is watching, you may still be under the watchful eye of bystanders. And just because you’re in the sky doesn’t mean that you still can’t get hurt. What if something fatal or serious happened to you while you were flying? You would injured severely and would probably not be able to fly which would mean you would fall. Now I would rather be invisible on the ground and have something happen to me than be flying and get hurt and fall to my death.

    Of course things such as ‘how fast would your start off/acceleration/flying speeds be?’, ‘would you always be invisible or just when you wanted to be invisible?’, ‘if you were invisible and got injured, would the effect wear off?’ come into play when choosing.

    But it does depend all on the particular individual.

  15. I am doing a debate at college on thursday, and i am afurming that “this house belives the power to fly is better that invisibilty”, thanks guys, your comments will help loads

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