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I’ve seen a lot of new names in the comments here on BrainFuel, if you’ve been here awhile or you’re a new regular, please take a minute to introduce yourself. Thanks!

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  1. Hey – good idea.

    I’ve commented maybe 3 or 4 times. I found ya through Mark at I like your site alot.

    I’m always up for a good laugh.

    Ben O.

  2. I found you guys through 9rules and have been reading for awhile, but have just begun to comment. I enjoy having something fresh to read from you guys each day. Keep up the good work.

  3. i’m evan, a web monkey working in the bay area, california. can’t remember how i came across this site… word of mouth of some sorts. really dig it though, and try to cruise by as often as possible.

  4. I was wandering through the darkness of the internet one night and stubbed my toe on this site. Now i check it for new posts every day.
    I enjoy the reading and in particular the great photos you post.

  5. I’m Travis. I’m a design student out of Washington state. Not sure how I found this, but I was looking for design blogs and found this site after diving through link after link. I’m not a web designer, I study posters and ads, so my blog is kind of sucky. I love the stuff I see on here, though. I’ve put a link to this blog from mine.

  6. I somehow found this site. I like it, so I keep coming back. I live and work in Metro Detroit, as a web/print/graphic/3d/video/artist/designer…

    My name is Darian, and I’m a BrainFuel-aholic.

  7. I’m a mild-mannered software engineer by day, where I develop kiosk software for JPMA. However, one day a project went wrong pumping my body full of gamma radiation. Now, rejected by the world, I hide out in my study and work on my blog and my other website.

  8. Name is Brad, live in Dallas, TX.

    You website brings up some interesting questions/thoughts.

    I’ve got one that I asked my wife today:

    “If you never had your sense of taste, do you think you’d be jealous of others that do have it?”

  9. Tim McCormack, college student (College of Wooster) and web design intern (Crutchfield). I found the site through 9rules, and it’s in my feed reader now.

    I’m more of a programmer than a designer, and my skills on the web lean more towards semantics and structure direction than graphic design.

  10. Gary Turner, developer from the UK. Been reading brainfuel for a good while now, always great posts !

  11. I work at a call center in the US. I think I searched on “funny captions” in Google and found you. Then, I made this site one of my favorites. I check it every morning and it is better than the comics.

  12. Hello, just found you through the 9rules wallpaper you submitted. Nice. I really like the feel and tone of this site. I’ve just been allowed on the shortlist of 9rules and was worrying a bit about what it was they’d seen in me.
    I’m still somewhat looking for my own voice, but you clearly show that ecclectic posting needn’t be bad. There’s the odd titbit you like to share, some things about design (even if you’re not a designer, it’s something that appeals to many), and some serious tips about things that are useful in the real world (the call centre post for instance). I love it and you’ll be in my feedreader in, say, 10 seconds?

  13. I typed “whale eating blueberries” in Google and came across your site. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Kidding aside, it’s nice to meet you all. For those who don’t know me, my name is Tomas (a.k.a The Closet Entrepreneur) and I’ve been a fanatic Brainfuel reader since 2004.

  14. Hey, I’m Brody and I live in Austin, TX. I like to pretend I know what I’m doing when it comes to graphic design, watch a lot of sports and movies, and write in my blog that’s not nearly as cool as Brainfuel.

  15. Hi! I read your blog all the time, usually don’t understand what you meant (if you’re talking about work things), but it’s always fun to read the caption contests and when you become a little less programming-language. Don’t remember where i found you, either..

  16. Found it through 9 rules a few months ago…

    I’m an Interaction Designer at a software company. I check up on the blog daily, though rarely leaving any comment. It has been fun!

  17. Hi Chris

    My name is Alan, I have a gruff voice and come from the Highlands of Scotland, was gonna comment earlier but was busy so am popping in now.

    I too am a Brainfuel-aholic…

  18. O gosh, I can’te even remember how I came across your site…

    It wasn’t through 9rules or Google, but I have been a daily (at least I try to) visitor for well over a year now.

    Love the content, and keep up the good work!

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