Illustrator plugin

Someone might have a practical application for this Illustrator plugin which lets you grab a point and stretch and shape (anywhere, not just on the points).

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  1. Here are a list of places I have personally visited and can highly recommend;

    San Fransico (Bay Area), CA-

    Barefoot Coffee
    Blue Bottle

    Portland, OR-

    Albina Press – Billy Wilson rocks it!

    Seattle, WA-

    Cafe Vita

    Chicago, IL-


    There are quite a few others that are a must, but I’ve never been. They include;

    Vancouver, BC-

    Elysian Room
    Cafe Artigiano

    New York, NY-

    Cafe Grumpy
    Ninth St Espresso

    Upstate NY-

    Gimme Coffee

    Washington, DC-

    Murky Coffee

    There are many, many more, but these should be a good start and will be on a different/higher level than most anything found here in AZ, with the exception of a couple of (AZ) places which are operating on the same plane.

    But the worm is turning here in AZ and yes there is hope!

  2. The best coffee that I have tasted is in St. Gerge UT. It is called “Light house Coffee shop” I found this awsome light house inspired gold mine while in a camping trip.
    They rock!

  3. San Francisco:
    * Morning Due Cafe (neighborhood: Mission Dolores) – Coffee may not have always been the best, but the owners made you feel like an extended member of their family by your second visit.
    * Farley’s Cafe (neighborhood: Potrero Hill) – A local institution and my favorite place to play Scrabble on a weekend morning
    * XO Cafe (neighborhood: Noe Valley) – I liked this place more when it had just opened. At that time, when you ordered a mocha, they’d make it out of real cocoa and then shave chocolate from a European bar on top, just in case you didn’t have enough chocolate. Excellent.
    * Ritual Coffee (neighborhood: Mission) – Serves Stumptown Coffee. ‘Nuff said.

    San Diego:
    * Cafe 976 (Pacific Beach)
    * The Living Room (La Mesa, near SDSU)
    * Miracles Cafe (Cardiff-by-the-Sea)

    * Stumptown

    * Cafe Strada

    Fremont, CA:
    * Mission Coffee

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