If your house is on fire, what do you carry out?

Here’s the scenario: Your house is on fire and you can only take out what you can carry in your arms. There is enough time to gather a few things and exit safely. What would you take?

15 responses to “If your house is on fire, what do you carry out?”

  1. wallet, car keys, cars, smartphone, CD case w/pdf backup of important papers and pictures

    oh…and the kids too

  2. No kidding – I have everything of importance with me at all times: My wallet, the dSLR camera, the laptop, and a backupCD of a billion things I care for.
    The wife can carry the wedding photos and whatever else she cares for. The cats can carry whatever they want.

  3. I would just make sure all my dogs and my wife make it out safe. Material things would mean nothing to me under that scenario.

  4. My backpack and bag which carries:
    bag[keys, wallet, iPod, gun]
    backpack[laptops, bible, DSLR]

    I think that would cover it. My kids can all walk on their own and my wife would grab the baby, of course.

  5. max (my cat) – even though he would be hiding somewhere.

    my laptop – this would be easy because it’s always in it’s carrying case.

    camera – so that i could at least take high resolution photos of my house burning down.

  6. I throw my cat and my fireproof (hey, why test it if I don’t have to?) box of records out the window and grab my external backup hard drive, keys, wallet and iPod. I let the dogs out as I step outside.

  7. Laptop, external hard drives, dSLR camera, car keys, wallet, cell phone and a warm jacket just to be safe… well I suppose I could keep warm if I sat close enough to my burning house but what would I do AFTER my house burnt down, so a jacket for sure =)

  8. My new SyncMaster 204B
    My tower (keyboard, mouse and speakers can melt)
    My 1961 SG Gibson… cough cough
    My favorite ..cough picture of me and my girl friend… cough

  9. The dog and if I had time, the external hard drive. Though, honestly, if the house was burning down and I was in it, the last thing I’d think about would be the external hard drive.

  10. Ha-ha… you know how many times I’ve thought about this? Weird!

    Anyways – I think I’m taking my PC tower and my blackberry and stuff is usually on my person all the time but that too. And the girlfriend if I have time…

    OH I’m joking – I’d grab her out of there right quick no worries! 🙂

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