If you had 50 billion

Let’s say for a minute you have 50 billion dollars and two kids. Do you leave the 50 billion to the kids or donate it all to charity before you die? Or do you do something else with the money?

6 responses to “If you had 50 billion”

  1. I give a portion of it to charity, portion of it to my kids with a time-released clause so they only get so much money per decade, for example to teach them money management skills. Then, I blow as much of it as I could on ridiculous things before I die. 🙂

  2. Set up an endowment fund to support Admiral Stockdale for President every four years.


  3. Charities would get 95% of it but with what is left I’d make the kids go through a Brewster’s Millions style test. If they fail the remaining 10% goes to charity and they get nothing.

  4. I would give each kid $10 million and then donate the rest to charity. Wait a second… that sounds familiar for some reason…

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