Identity Crisis: No, not me, Quark

Quark is having an identity crisis. Read this article on Speak Up, then check out the Quark web site and also Scottish Arts (a cool site in its own right). I threw in the Safeway logo just because they also recently refined it and well now is a perfect time to mention it.

2 responses to “Identity Crisis: No, not me, Quark”

  1. Chris, do you like the new Quark logo? I’m liking it for the most part; a simple, no frills logo.

    Same goes for Safeway. Interesting how simple design is seeping into the corporate realm, not that it never wasn’t a part of it, it’s just it seems more prevelant than ever.

  2. Erik: Yeah, I actually do like the Quark logo. I suppose it would have been helpful had I at least said something rather than just posting them. I noticed I didn’t even get the logo all the way in my fancy little box. Oh well.

    I think Quark needs a MAJOR brand overhaul and they needed to start fresh. This will probably help a lot. I know a lot of designers who would say they need a new management team, too. Hehe. All of this because Quark left its customers in the cold with regards to their flagship product.

    Back to the logos. I think the Quark one is cool and I’d say a winner. It’s simple.

    Safeway’s logo is great because it’s new and fresh yet not so different that they have to change the stores and the trucks all in one fell swoop. Sort of like the UPS change. It’s something they can do over the next decade.

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