Ideal Work Environment

What would be your ideal work environment? There are no boundaries.

For me, I think I’d love to have a small cabin in the cool mountains all to myself, I’d like to have restaurants and supplies within driving distance, but not too close. And a high speed internet connection with WiFi and extension cords so I can work outside. There would be phones and video conferencing for my clients and maybe there would be some snow outside the window. And a fireplace.

My desk would be 20 feet long and would be facing floor to ceiling windows with a view overlooking a forest canyon. The window would have a control to tint it so that the glare wasn’t too high. Oh yeah! Sign me up.

What is yours?

11 responses to “Ideal Work Environment”

  1. Yeh, I’ll have to agree w/Thomas. Maybe not AF1, but a nice private jet (like Google’s 767) or a custom tour bus would be cool. Having an office with an ever-changing landscape of scenery would probably help get rid of those blocked moments of creativity.

  2. I’ve always had a thing for looking at bodies of water through glass…lake, ocean..I don’t think the backyard pool counts…maybe it’s just the novelty of it vs desert, mountains, etc.

  3. Look at the cover of this month’s Sunset Magazine, add an extension cord and wi-fi. ‘Nuff said!

  4. You know where the dude was living in India at the beginning of Bourne Supremacy? Put me there, in a nice chair, with Fiber internet.

  5. I think a nice holiday house right on the beach with a jacuzzi on the front porch. To get around we can always throw a helicopter on the roof or that Red Ferrari to get to the corner store. Plus I’ll need all the necessities of course, like WiFi, Sound System, Coffee, etc.
    I think I’d like to be able to move around though. Maybe I can change my location to match my desktop wallpaper 🙂

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