I won!

I *cough* won a free lunch for 10 people at NYPD Pizza as long as I listen to some guys marketing spiel. Is this a coincidence or what?

I told the guy to call me back later. Should I go to it and listen or skip out? What say you loyal BrainFuel reader?

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  1. Not sure if this is the same deal or not, but I recently participated in a similar thing for Ameriprise, financial advisors for American Express. It was very low-key and no-pressure. They took a little contact sheet with your information and did a follow-up call if you were interested. I’ve only received 2 calls from them, but I expressed specific interest. So they’re not bugging me. The deal is that all 10 people and yourself go to lunch with these guys and listen to their 10-15 minute spiel. Definitely worth a free lunch in my opinion.

  2. Sounds fun. Are you going to invite all your local readers to come? Might be a good excuse to meet an hang out! I don’t think we have more than 10 locally…

  3. I’ve been to those lunches before – but it was for financial advisors. The sales guy spent about 5 or so minutes talking to the group and left us all alone for an hour or so before returning to pay the bill and we were done. It was great. We only ever got one followup call (don’t know if anyone ever used amex financial afterwards or not). They weren’t annoying about it at all afterwards tho 🙂

  4. Ok, here’s the deal. If he calls back I will accept his offer. I’m thinking I must have missheard him on the 10 friends because that’s crazy to offer me that. If that is the case we’re going to have a big BrainFuel lunch some day on the house!

  5. I think it would be fun to have a BrainFuel get together in any case at some point. I know a bunch of people have talked about that idea.

    Ideas were: Bowling and pizza. Hmm…

  6. Dude, go and get the Pizza. Their pizza is the best. Oh, and don’t forget to invite me too ; )

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