I went. I saw. I conquered.

So the ski trip was fabulous. If you’ve been thinking about going to Snowbowl this year (or skiing anywhere) I can highly recommend you go. There is so much snow and the weather is great right now. I took my camera (big surprise) and did two of my favorite things:

#1: I went skiing

#2: I took pictures

Both at the same time of course. A lot of my photos were taken while I was moving.

Here’s one shot I took at the top of the ski lift looking west, I’ll try to post some more in the morning. I have so many photos to go through.

Snowbowl Arizona Skiing 2005

Besides making a wise decision to simply go skiing, I also made the wise decision to shoot all of my photos in RAW mode on my camera. I’ll tell you what, having my new 2 GB Flashcard along really helped. Let’s just say I filled it up AND my 512 MB card. I stopped in Sedona on the way back and it’s really green from the recent rainstorms. I’ll try to post some photos from that stop if I can. I’m pretty sure that having the photos in RAW will allow me to get the best results because all of the white from the snow won’t be blown out.

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