I love email

I love email.

I love how it’s so easy to send people a quick note without having to call.

I love how email reduces phone calls and I can use email on my time.

I love how people can send me files and lists and questions, all by text.

I love how emails can be archived and categorized and how I can color code emails from specific people.

I love how email is so fast and free.

I love that I can write an email and schedule it to send whenever I want.

I love how emails can be sent in the middle of the night.

I love how email speeds up communication.

I love how email makes it easy to keep groups of people in the loop.

I love how I can take my email everywhere I go, even when I travel.

I love email.

7 responses to “I love email”

  1. Yeh, but do you really love the messenger or the message?


    Methinks someone got caught up on everything that fell behind while he was tooting it up in Brazil.

  2. My list of hate for email is longer than my love for it, but boy do I like it for less personal material. It fills the void between instant messaging and email spam. While I prefer that actual people contact me via IM, I’m glad online stores and services have email as a point of contact for reminders and such. It’d be really annoying in an IM medium as it doesn’t deserve that much of my time.

  3. Ooooh, very Bizarro… 🙂

    Umm, but I don’t think email could be considered free. If you don’t pay for it, someone does. Whether it’s by paying your ISP for your account or for bandwidth usage, or, well hmmm, come to think of it Gmail is free… k, never mind.

  4. <rant>Yes, email rocks. But if you’re stuck with Lotus Notes, it starts to suck. I always wonder how a large software company like Lotus can screw up nearly everything you can screw up in an email client.</rant>

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