I hate email

I hate email.

I hate the spam. I hate having to respond to people within about a day.

I hate having to even think about it.

I hate flagging emails that require a response.

I hate reading emails.

I hate how I get so much email and then the items I’ve flagged for follow up get pushed down and I forget to answer them.

I hate how my Outlook program got to be 2 GB in size and how it runs so slow.

I hate how Gmail is web based. Now I have to open the ultimate distraction tool just to check my email.

I hate how some people treat email as non personal and send things they wouldn’t say in person. And how others never check it and miss important messages.

I hate how every single email requires my action. Every email requires me to delegate or do something.

I hate how email is my to-do list.

I hate how email is a productivity killer.

I hate email.

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  1. we’re developing a ‘communications manager’ a web based tool where clients can log in, upload files and leave comments on projects, then all our responses via email should be cut down to 5% of what they are – we’re even setting up an auto reciept that warns people trying to send emails to us about projects that they’ll be ignored and that they should use the CM program.

  2. You can check GMail in outlook. Go to your settings and set it up that way. But email in general is still a pain in the @$$.

  3. Uhh…Isn’t TornadoEmail a project you’re on? Don’t get me wrong – I feel your pain ESPECIALLY about the “open the ultimate distraction tool…” bit.

    A friend of mine has a solution for it. He an I are working on building the solution here in Bangalore. Stay tuned… You’ll be hearing from us soon…



  4. Sandeep: Yes, TornadoEmail is something we run. But it’s about helping our customers send email newsletters to their customers. Most of the people who use it run ecommerce sites.

  5. So Chris, do you really hate the messenger? Or do you hate the message?

    I too hate email when I know there’s going to be something in the inbox from an inpatient puppy wondering when their overdue project is going to be finished. But then again, I hate the phone when I expect there’ll be some bad news on the other end. I hate cable when there’s nothing interesting on 500 channels. I hate Google Talk when my wife is bored and wants to chat it up about nothing when I’m busy. I hate feeling like I’m tied to an electronic leash with my cellphone. I even hate my home when the kids have dragged most, if not all, their toys out into the living room and have managed to dump cheerios everywhere but in their little mouths.

    I will say, however, that email in general is starting to feel a bit “tired” as a technology. I dont think, however, that it’ll be replaced by anything better though — at least not until there’s a mechanism in place that will automatically filter out bad or unwanted / uninteresting news and information.

  6. Hah! Close but no cigar. I’ve got a love hate relationship with email and I’ve been dealing with most of these issues for years.

    But I suspect it also has to do with the fact that 90% of my email is business. Probably more like 95%. So that alone indicates I’ll hate it.

  7. 95% business!! wow 95% of my email is crap – Hey, you wanna buy a rolex or some cheap meds from mexico?

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  9. Ward, I never had a chance to thank you for guest posting on BrainFuel during the month of May. Your posts were very good and insightful (especially the niche marketing one). I’ll be sure to invite you back again!

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